Time for Feng Shui, Why We Need It Now

by Heather I. Melcer.
Our world is in flux, I don’t think anyone can argue with that these days. We are in the midst of transformation, from the mundane aspects of day-to-day living to the spiritual evolution of mankind on a very deep level. Many people are feeling these shifts in one way or another, sometimes with great contrast and conflict. The rocky divergence of society can knock us off our feet and put us out of harmony and balance with ourselves, our purpose and our goals. Turning to Feng Shui, now more than ever can assist us in bringing ourselves back to center. … More Time for Feng Shui, Why We Need It Now

The Feng Shui Stimulus Plan

by Heather Melcer
I’m not usually one to jump on the buzz word bandwagon, however, I was sitting at a diner one evening recently and there was a little laminated advertising card in one of those metal holders in-between the salt and pepper shakers that read: “The Stimulus Breakfast Package.” It went on to describe the abundance of food you would receive for shelling out just one low, low price. I have to admit, first I chuckled at it, and then my mind was off and running. I started to think from a Feng Shui perspective what were the areas that needed the most attention right now, and how each one of us could create our own “stimulus” package. … More The Feng Shui Stimulus Plan

Feng Shui – Going Beyond Your Neighborhood: My Move to the Windy City

by Heather Melcer
Proper furniture placement, the right balance of elements in each room, solid position of a house on the lot, these are all examples of important aspects in Feng Shui. Then we add into the mix the personal energy of the individuals living in the home to get an overall sense of how the energy flow is being impacted. Each person has a unique energy, each one of us “fits” into a different type and style of environment.

Take a look at the following two photos: … More Feng Shui – Going Beyond Your Neighborhood: My Move to the Windy City

Consciousness and Your Environment – Creating Spiritual Power

by Heather Melcer
There is no doubt about it, our physical environment and home atmosphere impacts our lives. Why else would we choose beautiful, breath-taking scenic places to take a vacation? We do it to get out of our own environment and into a space that renews our spirits and breathes a bit of relief and new energy into our souls. While there might be other things on our mind, what’s going on within our homes on a daily basis is a significant element to consider at the present moment in our history… … More Consciousness and Your Environment – Creating Spiritual Power

Hello world!

Welcome to my Feng Shui Tips in its new blog format. Articles coming soon! I have been writing monthly tips for 6 1/2 years. I started writing my formerly titled “Feng Shui Tip of the Month E-Mail” articles back in June 2002 and continued every month through December 2008. (sample here) As we all go … More Hello world!