Should I Feng Shui my temporary house or apartment?

I often get the question of how much someone should invest into incorporating Feng Shui principles a temporary space and does it really matter? Should they take the time to make it feel like their own space and meet all their needs?

My answer is a resounding YES. Yes, make your place fell like your own. It doesn’t have to be major renovation level changes, but definitely make it your own space so it feels like home to you.

As a Feng Shui consultant for many years I can share that when we keep our spaces in a temporary limbo type of state of being, our energy stays in that limbo state and is not as grounded and sometimes it can then take longer for our next steps to show up.

Sample artwork and chair

In the terms of the Law Of Attraction, essentially you are trying to create “home” by “not being in home” energy so it’s not a match. It can be done but from experience I can share it takes way longer than if you treat your current space like your lovely perfect dream home and create as much comfortable energy as you can.

But these could be simple things, like posters all over the walls (use painters tape and have at it!) or getting a big tapestry to hang on a wall to totally change the atmosphere and bring your personality into the space to make it feel like home—your home. And with regards to improving your needs, do that with smaller moveable items if it is a temporary space. For example if you need storage in a closet, instead of adding stuff that you screw into the wall, choose free standing items that you can take with you. Or if you need some temporary furniture like a bookcase, get one of those foldable ones that is easy to take with you, etc., etc.

Imagine finding one big tapestry design that is “all you” energetically so when you walk into your home you breathe in that “ahh, I’m home feeling”….that energy will ripple out to the next place. 


Find something simple that creates a big energy shift to YOU energy.


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