Is it Me or My House? Ugh! I Hate My House…A Feng Shui Perspective

Feng-Shui-Is-it-me-or-my-house-I-Hate-My-HouseIt happens. I have had some clients over the years, and even experienced this myself at times, where you just hate where you live. You are so frustrated with things, that you start to really wonder, is it me, or is it my house? Let me share some insights from a Feng Shui perspective…and to start, the bottom line answer is — it’s BOTH.

Feng Shui is a powerful spiritual tool for transformation, it can give us a snapshot into ourselves in a unique way to help get to the underlying roots of our problems. In Feng Shui, your home is a mirror reflection of who you are and what is going on in your life at any given moment. So if you are really feeling like you hate your house, by basic law of attraction alone, that means on some level, in some area, you are hating your life. There is something that you are not happy with and your home is reflecting that to you. The energy flow is in some form of chaos reflecting it from one to the other, house reflecting life, life reflecting house.

Now, there are situations where in fact you may have some Feng Shui factors with the house that are causing some disruptions in your life. It could be anything from the layout and how the various rooms within the Bagua map are effecting your life, it could be the placement of your physical house in an undesirable location, or it could be things like the wrong elements (fire, earth, metal, water, and wood) in the wrong places that are tipping the scales and creating chaotic energy flow.

When you move to a new house, you take your energy with you. So while it may seem like moving to a new place might be a good solution, it’s only a band-aid solution. Because if you don’t fix what is wrong first with your home/life, you will continue to create the same patterns over and over again no matter where you live. This is a time for true inner reflection. And if you need to call in some outside help, whether that be some energy healing sessions to get to the core root of your issues troubling you in life, or more traditional talk therapy to get to it. You can do all you want to the physical aspects of your house, but if you don’t get to the root cause inside, it may continually feel like you are stuck. And since your home is a reflection of what is going on in your life, as you fix one or the other, your house or life, they begin to mirror one another to what you want.

There is some stuff that you want to consider doing, because like I said, your house can give you those insights into the areas that are troubling you. So here are a few practical things to get the energy flowing when you just aren’t loving your house:



I highly recommend you go around and start to fix anything that is broken. If there are many things that are broken, right there that is a reflection something may be broken in your life, or rather not flowing easily. As you work to fix the things in your house that aren’t working, that naturally will have an effect on healing and fixing your life.



If you were thinking this is temporary and/or just never got around to it and the house is unfinished, well, that’s not good for anyone who lives there. Sure you should find a moderate balance of how much to put into a home if you are not going to be there that long, but if you have a lot of things that are unfinished, it can be important to start putting out the much more solid energy of “completion” to the universe. For example, move away from lots of empty walls (which can signify emptiness in life) and fill your home with pleasing energy.  (Of course use your own level of design, whether it’s more minimalist or bright and bold.)



Simply put clutter is an outer picturing of inner chaos on some level. So start cleaning up the mess of your life where ever it’s hiding within your home, you will feel so much lighter in your life. Things will naturally begin to flow in a more positive direction.


Example: When you locate the Career area of your home, add some of the COLOR (black/dark navy, etc), ELEMENT (water, literal or photo of) and INTENTIONAL MEANING of the word “Career” to you in this area.

Lay down the Bagua Map over the floorpan of your home, to make sure the areas of your life that may seem off balance, are not lacking in your home in some way. You want those areas to feel put tougher, clean and clear, and have the right colors, elements and intentions for what that ares represents in some creative way. (If you are not familiar with the Bagua, view here for general layout instructions and then you can google around for more info on meanings.)


Now, you may never love your current house, even if it looks picture perfect on paper or on the outside, and that’s ok, but in order to get out of your house that you hate, you have to get to a point of loving it on some level. Even if that is being grateful for the experience and for what lessons that house is teaching you. Thank it and bless it every day for giving you such guidance. Thank it for shedding light on the areas in your life that need to be healed. And as you do that, either you’ll start to really love your house, or the right new circumstances and opportunities to move to a wonderful new house that you love, that kind of house where you walk in and just “know” the chemistry feels right and it’s home, will show up and everything will fall into place to get it.

And remember the more balanced you are in your current home, the easier and smoother experience it will be to get to your new home. Or if you remedy things and figure out the problems, maybe you won’t have to move at all. But trust in the beauty and power of Feng Shui and all that is has to offer on our journey through this lifetime.



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