Feng Shui Geography & My Journey

My Feng Shui Living Movement

I’ve had the opportunity to live in many different places over the course of my life. My soul is naturally a wanderer, a spiritual seeker, a restless spirit that likes to experience new places. But it is interesting to look back on each place I have lived. Every area, city, town, neighborhood has it’s own inherent Feng Shui. And as we know in Feng Shui your home is a mirror reflection of who you are and what is going on in you life, so too does the overall geographic location have an impact on our being.

My personal life journey is plotted out on this map above. I started (at the black pin) and grew up in the middle of NJ in a very green and country suburban town called Bridgewater. I then moved a short little distance to pulsating New York City where I lived the fast-paced corporate lifestyle with theater and restaurants abound. I then got the opportunity to live and work overseas in London where classical musical, museums and indie films took over my life there. Then it was back to New York City for awhile until I went off to graduate school and moved to the sun-drenched, palm tree-soaked city of Miami. I went to my first botanical garden and fell in love with nature there. Then I took my MFA in Film and moved to Los Angeles. I found more of my spiritual and metaphysical self there, had some trials and tribulations, and ultimate divine guidance then sent me off to the bustling and brrrr, windy city of Chicago. Truly it was divine guidance as I’d never even considered it as I do not like cold weather. But the art, culture and concerts kept me engaged despite the cold.

Then after a spiritual journey and a trip that looked like this photo below (a game of Cat’s Cradle that went awry LOL), I landed in the Central Coast of California. This is where a divinely guided list of cities journey guided me to. Of course one of my Feng Shui teachers and astrologer did my Astrocartography chart and told my sweet spot in the world, where I could live very soulfully and artfully, is in the Western Yucatan of Mexico near Campeche (see above shaded red area), though I’m not quite up for that kind of international journey in my life yet (so don’t worry Mom, LOL!). But hey, I did get my passport renewed this year after nearly two decades, so perhaps a vacation or a spiritual retreat to the area could be in order someday, and I’ll take it from there!

My Trip
My trip to figure out where I wanted to live next after 7 yrs in Chicago. (I didn’t plan this journey, the Universe thrust it upon me.) I was checking out 5 cities on my divinely guided list: Portland, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, Asheville and Boulder. I also touched down to visit some family and friends along the way.  I landed up living in an actual place called “The Five Cities”.

But with each place, in looking back….I can see how my life was energetically infused by the atmosphere of the geographic places that I lived. The land formation, the structure of homes, the energy of the people, all have an effect on our being. It’s amusing to me, in terms of my journey, back in 2009 I wrote a blog post Going Beyond Your Neighborhood: My Move to the Windy City. So while it may not be in everyone’s journey through this lifetime to move or travel such a distance, there are many things we can do to create what is it we are after in our lives. (Of course I wonder what blog posts are in my soul’s future yet to come! Mom & Dad, you should just know by now….LOL!!)

Our homes should mirror the self that we wish to create. If you have dreams of going to live a coastal life, you can create that right in your own living room no matter how far away from water you live. How about the mountains? Maybe the Southwest? Or maybe you long for the hustle and bustle of a city.

That is why it’s important to have they inside reflect who you are and what you want. So wherever you live, take your soul on a journey and see where you wind up and where the energy of your life takes you…

Some examples of infusing a geographic location into your environment:

Maybe a little tropical Miami vibe? Adding bright colors and a little flamingo and it’s off to the party!


Perhaps a visit to Santa Fe? Adding texture through textiles can transport you to new places anywhere around the world.


That urban city loft you always wanted? Many ways to create a DIY faux brick wall, then add a few artful accessories and you’ll be on your way up that elevator to look out over the skyline.


Maybe a cabin the woods? Some dark wood and paneling in your design of the room will give it that living in the woods feeling.


Add some light bright colors for a beachy breeze!


And don’t be afraid to do a little before and after of your own to make your journey happen. This family room transformation just needs a few more seashells and starfish touches and your cottage by the sea awaits you!

by Design By Folly - Flickr - Family Room
CC BY-SA 2.0 Family Room Before & After by Design Folly

Of course be sure to check the major elements in the Bagua Map when tackling any room and then go for it, adding any balancing element accessories as needed to keep your Feng Shui energy in flow.

Bon voyage!

~ ~ ~
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