How to Use the Feng Shui Bagua Map – My New Video

I am excited to share with you my new YouTube video on how to apply the FENG SHUI BAGUA MAP to the floorplan of your home. As you may know, the Bagua Map is a tool we use in Feng Shui to help determine where the 9 main energy centers of our life fall within our home (Career, Helpful People and Travel, Children and Creativity, Relationships, Fame and Recognition, Wealth, Family and Knowledge and Sefl-Cultivation).  Once you have that understanding and insight of how your home correlates to your life, you can then make changes and enhancement to get energy and opportunities flowing to you.

As I am putting perhaps a little bit of my MFA in film production to work, along with my teaching strengths, I am happy to share this information in this way and had fun putting this together. This video covers a clear explanation of how to lay the Bagua down and also how to figure out whether you have a missing Bagua Map area, which is something that may  need to be remedied and balanced, or an extended Bagua Map area which gives you extra support.

New Feng Shui Bagua Map Video – How To Apply the Bagua Map to your Floorplan