Feng Shui Command Positions Around the House

by Heather I. Melcer.

Many people are familiar with the typical Feng Shui bed placement in the command position, also sometimes called the Feng Shui Power Position, however there are many other areas within our homes that can effect our energy and give us more support in life.

In my first Feng Shui tip video I give you an explanation along with some before and after examples of real people in real houses — a sofa living room placement, home office desk placement and a small studio kitchen. I demonstrate how even just shifting into a more supported command position in various rooms within your home can help create a more relaxed environment and give you that extra support in life you desire. View here: https://youtu.be/-knTO-pv0gU


p.s. – Sometimes we have no choice but to put a certain piece of furniture in a certain place due to the physical structure. But do not worry, even if you cannot put your sofa or desk or bed in an ideal command position for example, even shifting it halfway can be very beneficial and create more support for your Feng Shui energy flow. Using a mirror to see behind you, or a buffer between you and the door or a Feng Shui crystal in the window if you cannot have a solid wall behind you are ways to help offset the energy.