Feng Shui The Winter Away!

Ahhh, if we could only just click our red heels three times and make the cold and brutal winter weather turn to sunshine we’d all be smiling. Even people in warm weather places with bouts of cold spells and storms, are having their daily lives disrupted. And of course in the cold weather regions that are getting pummeled with snow where you can barely get out of the house, they key in Feng Shui in any place is to sit back and go with that flow of energy and harness it for all it’s worth.

Feng-Shui-The-Winter-AwayWinter is a great time for assessment. When we tend to be inside much more (and nearly in lock down status in a few places, like where I am in Chicago, lol), it’s a true time to connect, and reflect. The basic premise of Feng Shui is that your environment and life have a relationship to one another. Your home is a mirror reflection of who you are and what is going on in your life in any given moment. It’s a plain and simple concept. Though when we aren’t paying attention, our energy  can get a little disconnected from what we really want to be or do in our lives.

So what do you think your home is saying about yourself right now? Sometimes it’s really hard to be objective about our own homes. Try to see it as a guest would entering into your home for the first time. To practice this seeing, it’s sometimes helpful to start by thinking about other peoples homes, friends and family homes you have been in. If you really think about it, wouldn’t you say their house reflects who they are? Whether there style is modern or country, eclectic or minimalist, if you really start to think about it, you can see how their choice of belongs and the state of their home is related to their life and who they are. (Of course in this excerise keeping opinions to yourself is always a wise thing, ha-ha-ha.)

So now the key is to look around your own home, is it reflecting what you want it to? Is your life where you want it to be?  Is it bright and colorful or a little on the dark and dusty side? Are things broken around the house, are there unfinished projects, and how have you been feeling lately? Maybe it’s time to spruce things up a bit and get more Feng shui opportunity energy flowing in.

And don’t forget to think about what’s behind all closed closet and cabinet doors, and in the drawers throughout the house. Is it fairly organized or a jumbled mess in there? Those symbolize what’s going on underneath the surface of your mind and life. Notice also, if all the areas that are visible to guests are all nice and neat but upstairs or downstairs and behind the doors is where you stuff it all in, symbolically stuffing emotions. This is a great time while many of us are stuck inside to really go deep within, and work through the cleaning and clearing of our home, and in turn our life.

Winter is a scientific time of hibernation in the life cycle of many beings and things on our earth. When used to it’s fullest potential, that hibernation period can really lead to a springtime of flourishing energy. So while we may all be trying to close our eyes and wish winter away, let us take the opportunity now to do what we really must to open our eyes up wide, make some changes, and look forward to a brighter, joyful (and warmer!) near future.