Spring Into Feng Shui

By Heather I. Melcer.

After such an authentic winter, it’s such a pleasure to hear the sound of birds starting to chirp, see flowers and trees beginning to bud and get realigned with the energy of spring.  In Feng Shui our homes are a mirror reflection of who we are and what is going on in our life at any given moment. What’s interesting about this time of year is that winter is a time of hibernation, a time where trees shed their leaves and seemingly die.  But they aren’t really dying they are going through their natural rebirth cycle.

All of us experience and mirror this seasonal energy to a certain degree. We hibernate, we go within to create seeds of resolutions to plant when the weather is right. Like the trees out in the open during the coldest blizzard of air that prohibits them from blooming, our air is stuck between 4 walls. In order to allow the cycle of growth to continue and bloom we have to open things up, as does mother earth for the trees.

Naturally, a good spring-cleaning goes without saying and will begin to transform that sluggish winter energy flow in your home, put a bounce back in your step and get things moving in your life. And if you really want to till the ground for a deeper planting of new energy, be sure to go the extra mile and clean deep. Go behind the couches, under the fridge, you know, that dust on the ceiling fan level of spring-cleaning!  There is a definite breath of freshness of energy flow that just meanders gracefully through your home once you’re done.

Then we need to go to the next level of purification.  The physical air gets stuck and we need to dislodge it to allow nourishment to flow forth once again. To visualize this, think about when you burn something in the oven. The kitchen fills up with smoke, but if you wave a towel around it begins to disperse. That’s similar to what happens through the winter, so we need to cleanse and free the physical air in our space. You can choose any method, from hand clapping to more robust bells, to break up that old stoic winter energy. Start at your front door and walk slowly around the entire perimeter inside your home, clapping your hands/ringing a bell along the way. Do a little extra in all the corners as energy gets a bit more stuck there.  State an intention such as: I am now allowing the energy of spring, of life and growth, into my home for all to flourish.

Another important aspect of renewing spring energy is held in the windows of our homes. In Feng Shui, windows represent our eyes to the world. How clean they are is how clearly we can see what is truly happening in our lives. So get out that power washer and get your “glasses” sparkling so you can see everything in life more clearly.

Then pick a sunny afternoon and open all the windows for an hour or two to let everything fully circulate. Once you have cleaned, dispersed the energy, and can see and breathe with more ease, you will be supported by that full spring energy allowing the flowers of your life to begin their blooming cycle once again.

(first published in Spirit Seeker Magazine, see online edition here)