Your Feng Shui GPS

By Heather I. Melcer.

It’s that time of year again, we commence our descent to go within alongside the season. We begin to cultivate all we are thankful for and take the first steps onto the path towards the New Year where we strive to put new goals into action. In Feng Shui your home showcases the energy of where you’re headed with those goals, what scenery you’ll take in, and where your destination ultimately takes you.  Your home is a mirror reflection of who you are and what’s going on in your life at any given moment. So every now and then, it’s time to observe those reflections of where you are and what destination your Feng Shui GPS is truly navigating towards and evaluate if that’s truly where you want to go. Then make some shifts to get to the end point you actually desire.

We have in Feng Shui what we call the “mundane” and the “transcendental” remedies to help us achieve harmony and success in our lives. The mundane changes are the ones we make on a very visible and physical level. Like moving a chair to let the energy flow more smoothly in a cramped room, clearing your clutter to be able to find things more easily, or getting brochures printed to say ‘here I am’ to the new venture you’re trying to get going. There is indeed a strong message sent to the universe by taking these kinds of literal actions. They are a fundamental part of Feng Shui practice and these changes begin to guide your GPS towards your target.

Then there is another important part of Feng Shui that goes beyond the physical, which we refer to as a transcendental cure or remedy.  This is what we describe as the “unseen” energy that flows through the universe and our environments. It’s that wind and water flow of energy through our homes or the bagua map energy or the mindful intentions that you permeate into your space. For example, taking the business cards you just physically printed and placing them into the career area of the bagua, or a photo of the trip you want to take to Italy in the travel section or a happy couple in the relationship corner of the home to activate this energy into the universe is a transcendental action.  As well as setting the intentions behind all changes you make on either the visible or non-visible realms in the form of a statement or prayer, sometimes referred to as the “three secrets reinforcement”, though even some affirmations and a few minutes of meditation on what you want will help accomplish the goal. Intentions are unseen but very connected and an integral part of Feng Shui practice.

We’re taught that the formula is 20/80: 20 percent mundane, 80 percent transcendental.  You might see changes with the mundane, but it’s when you add the transcendental together that you have potential to move mountains.

So take a look around your home, in it’s current state where do you think your GPS is headed? Every item, from artwork to linens, and every movement in the adjustments that you make, have an intention infused into it that helps guide your trip in life.  Are they broken, sad, cluttered, or dreary intentions? Or bright, happy, thoughtful, polished messages being input into your divine navigation system?  It’s up to you where you want to go. But don’t worry, even when you take a wrong turn most GPS systems automatically recalculate and have you back on the road heading to your divine destination, albeit a slightly different route. So no matter what path you end up taking, i.e. Feng Shui changes you implement, be sure to enjoy the scenery along the way.

(First published in Spirit Seeker magazine, p. 17 see archive version here)