The Bookcase Challenge!

by Heather Melcer.

Many people think that incorporating Feng Shui into your environment means massive rearranging, lots of redecorating, and even reconstruction.  However, I’m here to assure you that even the smallest of changes within your home or office can have a positive impact on the total energy flow of your home, and thus in turn in your life. Take a look at the following before and after photos:

Bookcase BEfore & After Sample 1

It’s nothing more than a bookcase packed with books that just build up over the years (c’mon now, it’s ok, we all have them creep up on us from time to time, even me!).  But look at the difference between these before and after photos of nothing more than cleaning out your bookcases!  And I’m not even saying you have to get rid of anything, just take it all down, thoroughly clean and dust and you’re energy will really feel alive and sparkle!

In the first example above nothing was taken away, just reorganized with a few decorative touches thrown in so it didn’t feel so packed and solid. It now has a bit of breathing room, which is important in Feng Shui to help allow new energy to come to us.  In the second example below, approximately one large box of books was donated, but that’s it. Look at the difference just a mere few hours of time can create!

Bookcase Sample 1 - Before & After

In the second one the person is a triathlete always in training in a small apartment, hence all the bikes. But it doesn’t matter what’s in your space, we all have “stuff” and logistics to work with, but even just think of how it would feel training in the before vs. the after which is much lighter and more open. Or even in the first example, just sitting down with your morning cup of tea how much more pleasant it would be.

Energy flow works like the waves of a rippling pond, when a stone is tossed in, it creates positive energy flow that permeates your entire household. So one little bookcase can help not only the whole room, but the whole house. This is also a message  – don’t get overwhelmed! Just pick one little area to start with.

So go ahead, show me what you’ve got! Let me see you flex those Feng Shui muscles! What are you sitting there for, go look around, find a bookcase and get to it! Be sure to take your own before and after photo so you can see the energy shift for yourself!

Oh and if you’d like to share, I would love to see your successes. Please send photos at anytime to the following address – any size ok here – (perhaps I will post the results! Of course I’ll always ask your permission first).

p.s. – oh, and don’t forget about any bookcases or piled on shelves lurking about behind closed doors, those can make a huge difference too! If you want some extra inspiration pick up the current issue of Oprah’s O’ Magazine (March 2011) titled “De-Clutter Your Life!” On newsstands now or download the new app just out for this issue on iTunes here.
© Heather Melcer, 2011