The Feng Shui Stimulus Plan

by Heather I. Melcer.
I’m not usually one to jump on the buzzword bandwagon, however, I was sitting at a diner one evening recently and there was a little laminated advertising card in one of those metal holders in-between the salt and pepper shakers that read: “The Stimulus Breakfast Package.” It went on to describe the abundance of food you would receive for shelling out just one low, low price. I have to admit, first I chuckled at it, and then my mind was off and running. I started to think from a Feng Shui perspective what were the areas that needed the most attention right now, and how each one of us could create our own “stimulus” package.

I began thinking about what the word stimulus really means in our world today when the local diner resorts to the term to promote breakfast.  The dictionary defines stimulus as: “something that incites to action or exertion or quickens action, feeling, thought, etc.” ( and “a thing that rouses activity or energy in someone or something; a spur or incentive.” (

At a certain point the phrase has seemingly played itself out, but the real question is how do we create a stimulus for ourselves? What can we incite into action to really get our own personal energy moving again in a positive direction? And then to keep it going after that initial spark?   There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to that question. However, when so many people are trying to navigate challening times, it’s important to take note of the things we do actually have the ability to change, the areas we can indeed take great action, Feng Shui being one of them.

By incorporating solid Feng shui principles it isn’t necessarily going to magically change everything with a snap of a finger, but what it does offer is it opens up a more positive flow of energy so you can move through rocky times a little easier. Imagine if you had a secure solid boat as opposed to a rickety old raft to sail through these turbulent and rough economic waters, you would surely make it to the other side in tact. Granted you might get a little wet along the way, maybe even drenched from a big tidal wave here or there, but with a solid and secure boat you know you will ultimately make it to dry land.

Now naturally the first thing on everyone’s mind happens to be money and jobs, so here a quick list of a few simple adjustments that promote good Feng Shui energy in those areas:

~ fix all plumbing repairs, no leaky faucets, slow drains, etc.
~ your refrigerator and stoves should be thoroughly cleaned as these are reflections of our wealth in Feng Shui
~ make sure there are not a lot of dying plants around the house
~ money should not be kept in open clear containers, but closed and protected (think jars of change on your dressers)
~ the back left corner of any room (or the whole house) when standing at the entrance looking into the room or house, is known as the Wealth corner which should be flourishing and uplifting, not empty, messy, dirty, or cluttered.
~ also in terms of opportunities coming your way, make sure your house or apartment number is clearly displayed (get creative if you have to) so the energy of the universe knows where to find you.

Now all that being said, I beg to differ just a little bit and offer a few additional thoughts about where we need a little stimuli in our lives. It’s important to dig deep within ourselves to understand what the real personal undercurrents are for each one of us. I would suggest also looking to the Relationship, Family and Knowledge energy centers of our lives and homes. I believe, that deep down it is both our personal and/or family values that are truly being tested during these times. How many relationships always argue over money? How many people have not put enough emphasis on savings to have a lifestyle they desire or are accustom to? What does it mean, truly, to have real security in life? Is it a huge house, or a simple four walls (cozy and Feng shui’d of course, lol) that give us more time with family and loved ones or to be more present and fulfilled in the moment. What are we really spending our money on?  Are we buying things we really need, or are they in actuality wants that somehow we have come to believe are needs nowadays? Take a moment to stop and think about these areas now and incorporate a bit of reflection from the past few years as well. Looking to these additional energy areas within our homes can have a powerful and positive effect on our discoveries.

The bottom line is that I believe the real stimulus package for each one of us is to assess what the real issues are in our own internal (not external) personal economic life. Then, and only then, can we begin to truly create the perfect stimulus for each one of us, with of course a bit of Feng Shui to support us along the way.  © 2010, Heather I. Melcer