Getting the Most Out of A Feng Shui Consultation: 10 Tips to a Great Session.

by Heather I. Melcer.
Congratulations! You’ve hired a consultant to come into your home or office and will soon be on your way to reaping the benefits of this wonderful ancient art. Of course, each Feng Shui consultant naturally has their own process, but there are some things that you can do on your end to ensure a good session; to make sure the energy of the appointment actually flows as harmonious as you want your new found energy of your home and life to flow.

Practicing professionally for 9 years now, I’ve experienced it all. These are some of my top suggestions on how to make things flow smoothly…

1. Breathing Room.
Having the day flow easily and relaxed is key. DO NOT try to “squeeze in” a Feng Shui consultation appointment.  DO try and choose a day that you have completely free (or at least a good portion of it). Avoid anything on the back-end that you have to rush out to so you are not watching the clock every 10 minutes. On the flip side, don’t just breeze in a flurried state to begin with.  How you approach your appointment time is an indication of how the energy is already flowing in your environment and life. The first step to good Feng Shui is an easy flowing appointment.

2. Prepare Your Questions.
Write down ahead of time any questions you might have. It’s ok if you don’t have any, things will naturally come up during the consultation, but if you have anything that’s been lingering on your mind be sure to jot it down. Also, if you are planning any future remodeling, decorating or construction projects, it’s important to note that and ask questions relating to ideas on what you wish to do. If you happen to have any sketches, blueprints or photos of your ideas, even better.

3. Empty Your Closet.
No not literally, but if you have anything, like artwork for example, that’s been packed away and stored in the back of a closet for years that you have been thinking about hanging again, take them out. Have them handy somewhere that you can look through them so your consultant can easily advise you where they might support you best.

4. Eat!
Consultations can sometimes take several hours depending on the size of your home or office, and are all about shifting the energy in you life, so make sure you have a hearty breakfast or a solid lunch before your appointment time. If you need to sit down at anytime during the process to have a snack or go get a drink it’s absolutely ok to do so.  Your consultant won’t mind at all and will be happy you are energetically choosing to care for yourself.

5. Prepare Your Paperwork.
Each consultant works differently in what they require you to have ready before or at your consultation with regards to surveys, floorplans, red envelopes, etc. Make sure you have everything done ahead of time and try not to leave it to 10 minutes before they are about to knock on your front door.

6. Payment.
Be sure to understand beforehand how a consultant accepts payment (cash, checks or credit cards).  Communicate your preference so you are prepared and energy flows easily at the conclusion of your appointment.

7. Fees.
A thorough Feng Shui consultation is truly an investment in your home and your life. Always honor and value your consultant’s fee. If budget is a true concern or you’re a non-profit organization, talk to them. Some consultants, within reason for the size of space as well as your location in proximity to theirs will sometimes work with you to set a sliding scale or flat fee or accept payments. However if you are just trying to score a “deal” and get a price break, that doesn’t work well as that energy always comes full circle and affects the energy of the appointment. Be genuine and realistic with your financial concerns. If you’re not quite ready to make the commitment, attending a workshop might be a good way to go for now.

8. Do Not Clean!
Ok, you can wash the dishes in the sink if you want or maybe make the bed, but beyond that do not go to any extra lengths to spruce things up or clean. It is important that a consultant see your space as it naturally exists on a day-to-day basis to assist you best.

9. It’s Not a Party.
So don’t invite your friends and relatives. While it may sound like a good idea to have your best friend or a relative over to do it with you, it can sometimes offset the true energy of what shifts need to be made and their timing.  Your space is personal to you and it’s important that it’s only your energy present (and whoever actually lives in the house of course). Check with your consultant beforehand about their policies if you want to have anyone else there, including other service professionals like interior designers, who do not actually live in the house.

10. Rest After
There is a lot of information and insight imparted to you during a consultation process and it takes time to process and take it all in. Leaving some time to just sit and relax after an appointment is a good idea. Also, whether you actually made any physical changes to your home on the day of or not, the energy is already beginning to shift. It can be very normal to feel a little tired the next day, so give yourself permission to sleep in if you need it.

11. A & E  (Assess & Evaluate)

Ok, ok, just one more…The effectiveness of a consultation has everything to do with your awareness of the relationship between your home and your life. It is important to pay attention and take notice of when you make changes and evaluate how things shift in your life. It might not happen overnight, though in some cases it can. But after a few days, weeks or a few short months, take notice of the relationship between any changes you made and what’s going on in your life. From small subtle shifts to over the top results, these are all implications of good Feng Shui at work for you.
© 123 Heather Melcer, 2010