Feng Shui – Going Beyond Your Neighborhood: My Move to the Windy City

by Heather Melcer
Proper furniture placement, the right balance of elements in each room, solid position of a house on the lot, these are all examples of important aspects in Feng Shui. Then we add into the mix the personal energy of the individuals living in the home to get an overall sense of how the energy flow is being impacted. Each person has a unique energy, each one of us “fits” into a different type and style of environment.

Take a look at the following two photos:


a Cottage in the Country……………….and a Condo in the City

Take a moment to think about the nature of the people living in each scenario. From a big picture perspective, isn’t safe to speculate that the people living in each of these two different atmospheres lead very different lifestyles? From how they go about their day-to-day activities to how they view life? Naturally it is. Granted we can never know what goes on behind closed doors, but on average we can ascertain certain things about a persons lifestyle in these two very different places. Though we always have the ability to adapt to our environments, it’s important to recognize that some people’s energy fits more naturally into various kinds of environments.

It’s kind of like the style of furniture each one of us chooses. Did you ever go into someone’s home and think, wow, this is nice, but not my taste at all! Think about the many friends and family members homes you have visited and the style of décor inside each person’s home.  Some people are naturally drawn to certain styles, elements and colors; it’s just the right “fit” for them. Well the same can be said about where we actually live in terms of our neighborhoods, our towns and cities. While there are different characteristics affecting the Feng Shui energy of a city versus a country environment for example, some people’s energy may resonate with one over the other.

I want you to take a moment and think about the different neighborhoods you have lived in over the course of your life. What did you, or did you not, like about each one? How were things going in your life in general? Whether you lived in a big city when you were just out of college and then headed to the suburbs, to the home you grew up in, or even simply the very subtle shifts of living on one side of town versus another. Sometimes it correlates to stages of life and we adjust very naturally, other times it’s simply about what works best for our spirit.

No matter what method or school of Feng Shui you practice there is always an element of personal energy that gets factored into the overall energy of your physical space. Whether it’s goals you are working on manifesting or more traditional date of birth, what is always consistent across the board is that: personal energy + energy of physical space = your complete Feng Shui and your overall success and well-being.  I have been reminded of this larger aspect of Feng Shui by my recent move this past August.

When I made the announcement at the end of July that I was picking up and divinely making a move from Los Angeles, CA (where I have lived since 2000) and moving to Chicago, IL it came as quite a shock to many people (including even myself as the Universe knows I don’t enjoy cold weather, LOL). Though a very astute, long-time college friend remarked, that while it was a shock at first, she shrugged her shoulders and said to herself, “well, that’s just Heather, she does these crazy things and they somehow work out”.  And I will admit I have made a few bold and major moves in the past. Little did I know my Feng Shui spirit, before I even knew what the words were, enjoyed exploring the intricacies of new places that only comes from living there.

What I know is that I am in my heart a city girl, I had just kind of forgotten it for a while getting swept up in other aspects of life. Growing up in suburban New Jersey I couldn’t wait to live and work in New York City.  While others shudder at the stress and hustle and bustle, I can honestly say that since arriving in Chicago there is a true sense of quiet and calm, a certain peacefulness for me that comes from being in a big city. I enjoy everything about it, from a mass transit lifestyle to the neverending pulse of culture to be found every day of the week. (Well, ok, I suppose I could change my mind when I find myself waiting for the bus to take in a museum or show or something come the middle of February, LOL!)  What I have learned though, over the course of my life, is that it is also necessary for me to be able to retreat into the complete extreme from time to time to create an overall balance. And I mean spending time in the solitude of nature, where no sound of any facet of modern day life exists, just the sweet chirps of the birds and crickets.  However, it is truly in a big city that a large part of my energy is nourished and flourishes to new heights.  Now that’s not to say I don’t experience various stresses or that everything is picture perfect, but I can say there was a noticeable difference in energy for me from the very moment I stepped off the plane.

Now, I am not suggesting that everyone’s lot in life is to simply pick-up and move cross-country. (Certainly not nearly as much as I do and I haven’t even addressed the many apartments within each place I have bounced around in, plus I “let go” of most of my material possessions.) However what I am suggesting is that sometimes when feeling stuck it’s important to look globally at some of the bigger issues of the Feng Shui of your home and life and to figure out what kind of environment you flourish in.

Well, that’s just a little bit of insight to reflect upon. Sending you well wishes from my new home in the Windy City of Chicago, IL (and yes, it is amazingly always windy here!) (c) 2009 – Heather Melcer