What’s this Feng Shui Stuff & Why Do We Need It Anyway?

by Heather I. Melcer.
Yoga, Tai Chi, Acupuncture…these are everyday vocabulary words of modern day society. Whether you actually know what they’re about in-depth or not, is another story. However, most people at least have a sense of the basic concept; that these various methods come form the distant far corners of the world and have something or other to do with bringing balance to our lives. Well, Feng Shui is one more of those gaining popularity on the mainstream tip of the tongue.

What is it?

Briefly (hey this is a blog not a book!), Feng Shui means “wind” and “water” and it’s the flow of that symbolic wind and water energy within our homes and offices and how it effects our lives. In it’s purest form it’s about assessment and understanding that our environment has an impact on our lives. It comes from ancient China, is over 3000 years old and like many other of its cousin modalities, it has the capability to bring about much support and peacefulness into our lives.

Way back when, masters studied the formation of the land and how to live in harmony with nature and the earth, ie, the real wind and water. They took great care in paying attention to the details and nuances of where people lived in relationship to the land. For example, the twists and turns of rivers, or location of mountains and if they were they right up next to your house, behind you supporting you, towering over you weighing you down, etc. Everything within our homes is a representation of that, from how we place our furniture, to the colors or elements (fire, water, etc.) within our spaces that can affect our being in the world. The more in balance with nature and positive flow of that wind and water energy in our homes, the stronger our lives can be.

Why do we need it?

Time is moving so quick these days and our lives are filled with more to do than ever before in history. Our minutes are completely maxed out and we need all the help we can get to level things out and bring about more balance, whether that’s the day to day aspect or our overall lives. Incorporating solid Feng Shui principles into our environment can help us create a smoother path with more ease, less stress and a greater feeling of success.

Take for example a simple thing such as a garage door and an electric garage door opener with a remote. If you don’t have a garage door opener, you can still get your car in and out, you can still get to where you want to go, but isn’t it just a little easier if one click takes care of it for you and cuts out a few steps? I mean what about those days when it’s pouring rain and you have 5 bags of groceries to carry into the house? Just think about the extra steps with or without that opener.

Or how about if you are setting off on a long hike that might involve some rocky or muddy terrain, which would you rather be wearing, flip-flops or strong hiking boots? Which pair of shoes would give you more support during your hike and make it a little easier to get to the top of the mountain and enjoy that peaceful view?

It’s all the little aspects of our days of energy that add up. Ultimately, by adding Feng Shui it gives you the edge to get ahead and get through life a little bit easier.

So remember…

If you only take away or learn one thing ever about Feng Shui it should be this — that there is a relationship between your home and your life. And that by incorporating Feng Shui, it’s a way to strengthen our lives and bring about more harmony and success to our journey. (c) 2009 – Heather Melcer