Consciousness and Your Environment – Creating Spiritual Power

by Heather I. Melcer.
There is no doubt about it, our physical environment and home atmosphere impacts our lives. Why else would we choose beautiful, breath-taking scenic places to take a vacation? We do it to get out of our own environment and into a space that renews our spirit and breathe a bit of relief and new energy into our soul. While there might be other things on our mind, what’s going on within our homes on a daily basis is a significant element to consider at the present moment in our history.

While we are all aware of the world’s financial crisis, on many spiritual levels, it’s simply a matter of some big corporate systems that had problems and weren’t working all along, finally breaking down so they can be healed. We are a culture of beings that tend to need things to finally hit rock bottom and completely break before we are willing to take the time, or spend the money to fix it. I’m sure you can think of many examples in you own life or even your own home when you waited until something completely broke to get it repaired, but for months beforehand you simply developed a work-around solution to the problem. But those work-around solutions can sometimes do damage in the long run and make things harder and more expensive to fix. Since most people are hunkering down in their homes, saving every penny to weather the economic storm front, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the “corporate” systems within our own lives, and clear out and fix what’s broken and not working on a deeper spiritual level.

There are many small stores going out of business and closing their doors, and I happen to know a few personally. The interesting pattern I’ve observed, is that as a result of the economic impacts, store owners are being forced to take a long arduous look at the big picture of hard-core accounting numbers over the years and objectively look at what they’ve created; something that should have been done long ago. They are finally getting to a more healthy and balanced place of being able to say to themselves, ‘maybe this really wasn’t financially working all along’, ‘what was my original business goal’, ‘am I still in alignment with this path’, ‘am I really happy’. It’s a harsh reality to face for sure and it takes some hard work to deal with such a situation. However, in the big picture it’s such a wonderful thing. Finally people are now being able to see what’s really been going on from a more objective view, and how they were energetically being weighed down all this time. So many of us get caught up in our day to day activities and routines that years roll by and we don’t spend enough time doing the hard-core impartial evaluations on our soul level that’s needed in order to create new plans and strengthen our own personal “corporate” entities.

Take the simplest of scenarios and pick any closet in your home. Don’t we all realize as the weeks and months go by every time we open it, that it’s getting messier and messier? Of course we do, but we keep throwing things in there until it gets so bad that one day (when of course we coincidentally happen to be running late, lol) we can’t find something we need, and all havoc breaks loose. Our frustration level reaches the max, we throw a fit, mumble a few words under our breath, and we wind up just pulling it all out and then are forced into cleaning and organizing when we have much better things to do.

Sometimes it’s hard to step outside ourselves, and egos, to get a real picture of where we might be out of balance or how something isn’t quite working in the big picture of our lives. In Feng Shui our home is a mirror reflection of what is going on in our lives, so it’s the perfect place to start, especially since so many people are spending more time there these days.

Cleaning and clearing things out is the first step to getting things in order in your overall life. It helps us lift the energy of our physical environment, which then in turns lifts the energy in our lives allowing important issues to become more visible. So take this time to go through things, from the simply mundane to the bigger expansive projects you know you keep putting off. When you’re finished you’ll be more joyful and refreshed and have a bit of bounce in your step. It’s definitely a good thing to keep us moving forward during these times.

Even if there is nothing pressing that you can think of, surely there are a few simple things you can do. For example, pick a bookcase, take everything off the shelves, dust them off, recycle some old books, then put them all back and feel the difference in the room. Letting go of the old and creating open space for new opportunities in can be important. Perhaps you might finally tackle that closet you go out of your way to avoid opening. Easy, clean storage can impact our daily lives and make us function with less stress. Or when was the last time you pulled out your desk from the wall and cleaned behind it (or any piece of furniture that hasn’t been moved for a few years for that matter)? It’s always surprising what you find behind the couch after several years. A good deep cleaning will make the whole place feel brighter. Simply put, a clear an organized space lets you see everything more clearly.

As we each personally work to create a more open, easy flowing energy in our lives, it generates an impact on everyone else. I am reminded of the famous quote “be the change you wish to see in the world” from Gandhi. As each one of us personally gets to a point of being able to step outside our fear-based thoughts, see things from an unbiased lens, and begin to heal those corporate parts within ourselves that need fixing, it will have a ripple effect. No matter where you are in life, the spiritual path you are on, or what kind of business you’re in, we all have to get the personal “accounting” of our life in check at some point. Downtime as a result of seemingly forced events can be viewed as a blessing. It is an opportunity to stop and take inventory of our lives. Only when we truly know how much of anything we have or don’t have, can we seek proper balance to be more grounded, successful and truly peaceful. (c) 2009 – Heather Melcer