Buying a New Home with Feng Shui Eyes – The Outside View

by Heather I. Melcer.

Finding that perfect house with as much checked off on your list that you’ve been dreaming of is the ultimate task for hopeful homeowners. Everyone sets out attempting to find that rare gem with everything they desire in the perfect location at the perfect price. However, going beyond just the normal house hunting attributes, it’s important to find a house that is Feng Shui friendly which can impact the overall success and journey of your life.

In Feng Shui your home is a mirror reflection of who you are and what is going on in your life, so it is vital to understand there is a relationship between the two. One might say good energy flow, happy life; chaotic energy flow, more challenging life. Most home buyers naturally think about things such as work commutes, school districts and neighborhood demographics in addition to the physical appearance and layout of their potential new home-sweet-home, so it’s easy to forgo some obvious, and not so obvious, Feng Shui stumbling blocks that can ultimate drain your energy.

While there are many aspects to keep in mind with regards to the outdoor aspects of Feng Shui, here are a few basics to have in your awareness to help ensure a happy home:

~ Directions & Address
Are the driving directions straightforward or confusing? Are the numbers of the address clearly visible? Pay attention to how you get there, what you pass by, and if the front door is easy to find. The energy of the universe needs to know where to find you and get there effortlessly, which correlates to the ability of opportunities flowing smoothly to you in all areas of your life such as money, career, relationships, etc. If it’s too difficult and confusing to get there, that can bring about challenges. An easy to find and clearly marked location is a key to starting out with overall good energy flow.

~ Towering Structures
Look at what’s on all neighboring sides of the house. Notice how close any structures are (man-made or in nature) and if there is anything much higher on any side. Towering buildings all around you creates extra energy that can weigh you down with a feeling as if you can’t get out from under. It is however, great to have something behind your house for support like a slight hill or mountain as opposed to a drop off; with open space in front of the house for proper breathing room.

~ Odd Shaped Lots
These can cause a bit of an unsettled feeling, so opting for a fairly solid, square or rectangular shape will keep you grounded and is the way to go.

~ Main Streets & Corner Houses
Usually these tend to have a bit more energy rushing around them making it challenging to feel grounded and may require a little protection like some landscaping to help block out the energy rushing around the house. Depending on how main a street it is, it is always a wise idea to drive by a few different times of day to check it out.

~ Dead-ends and Culdesacs
I know, I know, these are some of the most valuable and desired properties out there, but when it comes to energy flow, in these locations, the energy has no where to go so it becomes stagnant. Often life might seem like it’s coming to a standstill and takes a bit effort to get things moving. A house in this kind of location involves lifting the energy and looking at your own personal strengths to be able to move things forward.

~ Electrical Boxes
Check for any major electrical sources on the outside of the house and make sure they are not right on the other side of where someone might have a bed. Just be aware of how any EMF’s (electromagnetic frequencies) might potentially effect the residents if it’s too close.

~ Day vs. Night
Be sure to explore any potential house at night as well as day to get a feel for how easy it is to get there and the overall safe feeling of the area. A neighborhood can take on a completely different energy late at night so be sure the energy is flowing well from dawn to dusk.

~ Don’t Panic!
If you just made an offer or escrow is about to close on a house with some of the so called energy “drains”, OR you’re already living in one, that just means that you need to ensure that the inside of your house is strong and supportive utilizing solid Feng Shui. This has the ability to help offset some of the outside characteristics. There are plenty of Feng Shui consultants all over the country nowadays available to fully help you incorporate these principles to create harmony, well-being and success in your life. (c) 2009 – Heather Melcer