5 Ways to Start Feng Shui’ing Your Home, Today!

by Heather I. Melcer.
Getting Started with Feng Shui Home Tips
There’s an overwhelming amount of information out there on how to Feng Shui your home and incorporate all the details. If you’re not sure where to begin, or you’re revamping your Feng Shui efforts, here are the key steps to begin with to really get things flowing in your home and life…

#1 – Awareness. Understand that your home and life have a relationship to one another. Think about all the places you have ever lived in your life, and what, in general, went on there. Was it an easy and successful time in various areas of your life such as relationships, work, finances, family, health, etc.? Or were there lots of ups and downs and struggles along the way while you lived in that particular house? To truly utilize Feng Shui you must fully grasp this basic principle.

#2 – Clear the Clutter. Just like loosing excess weight will make us healthier, so too will letting go of physical weight within our spaces. Doing this instantly lifts some energy and gets things flowing. And if there are areas you haven’t tackled in a long time, even more so will that stagnant energy be released and open up the energy. But make sure to be kind and gentle with yourself if there is a lot to do, start slowly, one pile at a time. If it seems just too overwhelming and you need help, hire a professional organizer, it will be worth it .

#3 – Play Detective. Spend a few moments and really take a look at all the artwork and decorative objects within your home. What is it reflecting to you? What adjective would you use to describe it? Dark and dreary, bright and colorful, empty, sweet, simple, chaotic, abstract, solo, old, dusty, etc.? And think about what is it that you are trying to create in your life? Your home is a mirror reflection of who you are and what’s going on in your life. Begin to see what’s being reflected in your space and make changes accordingly.

#4 – Make A Grand Entrance. Though the actual door doesn’t have to be so grand per se, finding it and getting there absolutely should be. Make sure you can easily find the front door to your home or apt.(mark it in some creative decorative way if need be) and make it clean, friendly and inviting. This is where all the energy flows in, so we always want the energy in our home making a grand gesture.

# 5 – Sweet Dreams. At the end of the day when you head to bed know that this is a place in Feng Shui where you receive a good portion of your energetic support. Say yes to: soft colors, inspiring textures, a matching nightstand on either side of the bed (especially if you are seeking relationships), rejuvenating artwork and anything invoking a peaceful state of being. Say no to: anything under the bed (or light things only), photos of all the kids and relatives (should be just the two of you), mirrors, computers, tv’s, workout equipment (if you have any of those things try positioning them so they don’t take center stage and/or cover them up at night).

Those are some of the basics, which should help lighten things up a bit and start to get things moving in your life. And if you get this far and are looking to go deeper into the details, then a book or class or hiring a consultant to come in might be worth exploring.

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(c) 2009 – Heather Melcer